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The Team

Meet The Team

Laurence Tremblay


Social innovator and entrepreneur, travelled the world and visited over 25 countries, Laurence has gained a majority of her knowledge through online platforms during her journey: Marketing, sales, management, leadership, design thinking, business and much more. Eager for growth and with a passion for life she found Rosemary. Discovering an optimal environment for learning and having grown professionally through the value of online education, she founded Riseglobe within Rosemary Dream center.

Yaniv Charlap


Yaniv, a visionary and hard worker international entrepreneur, founded his first company in 2010. With lots of tenacity and audacity he became a recognized businessman. He is a person who envisions dream projects and make it become a reality. After the success of his first business and its international growth he took a leap into the world to travel and grow personally. Dreaming to live in a world led by values he founded with the help of a dear friend Rosemary Dream, an empowerment center offerieng a space for people to discover their optimal way of life.

Sarah Pelzman

Social Coordinator

Passionate about pedagogical innovation and alternative education, Sarah has graduated from a Master in International Business and Management at HEC Montreal in 2016 and accumulated several work experiences as a Project Manager for a french NGO as well as a project manager for an online learning platform since. She deeply believes students should all have the opportunity, time and optimal environment to clarify their education and professional paths, as well as develop practical skills by participating to real life project with a purpose driving them toward. She is in charge of the "Learn by doing" program curriculum content by helping to design workshops for students to gain all the skills and tools to become social entrepreneur as well as starting up a social or environmental positive impact project during their Rise semester.

Arun Thompson

Educational Consultant

Arun began really pursuing his passion of human behaviour when he attended Swansea University; achieving a second-class honours in BSc Psychology. From there he decided to study a postgraduate degree in MSc Occupational Psychology; combining his passion for science with his purpose to help people live a healthier and happier way of life. Arun graduated from the University of London, Goldsmiths with a Merit receiving a distinction in his dissertation ‘The Theoretical Overlaps between Psychological Flexibility, Resilience and Emotional Intelligence, and their Relative Predictive Abilities on Job Satisfaction and Wellbeing’. 

Olivia Dias Bagott

Marketing Manager

After pursuing a career as a designer, Olivia decided to leave her home country and reconnect to her roots in Brazil. Connecting her designer and business skills to a cause in which she believes. Bringing more purpose into her work while optimizing her potential, she found herself striving in the international marketing area. Hey passion for people, design and innovative ideas is leading the way within Riseglobe's team. 

Bishop Reid

Program Manager

Bishop graduated University earning a degree in Business Sales and Marketing. Directly out of school she continued on to pursue a career in inside and eventually outside sales for  an IT Recruitment company in Raleigh, NC. Nearly two years in she found that working her way up the corporate ladder was no longer something she had a desire to chase. After a few months of travel she joined a women's empowerment and body image influencer to develop her business and grow her brand online. Learning how to organically grow a following and build a truly authentic brand is a subject Bishop became passionate about.