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Online Students

Same routine, different environment

Joining the Rise Globe program will be a perfect occasion for studying in a dream location, gain self knowledge as well as develop practical tools by taking part to a real life social project with a team of like minded people.

Online studies

Riseglobe’s semester tackles precisely online education weaknesses. Being surrounded by a team of similar peers and an inspiring Rise organizing team who will become your family, your motivation will be maintain at a high rate during the whole semester. The lack of human presence you may face with online classes will no longer be a reality as you will be putting new skills and knowledge to work in a stimulating environment.

Your Education


Online education also allows the pursuit of the knowledge you want to learn. You may choose the classes that really interest you! Our team will support you through your choice of e-learning. A large variety of online learning platform options are available:

We believe there is no one ideal education but rather one different best fitting every students. This being said, it’s about finding what knowledge, way of learning or platform is optimal for your growth.


The working environment has evolved. Global challenges have evolved. Society’s vision has evolved. Education? It has stayed the same for decennies. Riseglobe is answering this issue. Let’s evolve our educational experience. No need anymore to stop your education in order to set free from society’s pre written path. You can be intellectual, adventurer and pursuing a personal growth path all at the same time. We have the choice. You can slow down your education and get to know yourself better. You can fast track your education and set free. There is no limit when you break down society’s norms.

Gap Year Students

You are in a Gap Year and you want to keep learning new subjects which are directly related to your degree or you seek to widen your knowledge and skills with an innovative education semester combining online courses of you choice, a brazilian cultural immersion, an action taking program and a unique life experience ? Riseglobe may just be the ideal semester for you!

When is it time for a Gap Year Semester?

Before entering university, taking a dedicated period in the middle of your study to clarify your educational and professional path or simply have finished university and need a semester before entering the work field: Rise semester can suit you.

What is a Gap Year for?

A gap year is a year where you can push boundaries, acquire self-knowledge, dream big and enjoy simple things of life. During the recruitment phase we will go through your academic workload and adapt the program for your optimal benefit.

Taking responsibility of your education may start now.