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Welcome to Rosemary, Host of Riseglobe

Rosemary is living proof that you are allowed to follow your dreams... and that dreams are coming true. We are an international group of people who create unique experiences that will empower you to live your optimal way of life. Feeling empowered is about how you can become more aware of your own inner strengths. Utilize them in a powerful way to then create the life you desire. All you have to be is open. Open for new experiences.


Surrounded by jungle Rosemary Home is a year round hub for programs and events for anyone who wants to inspire and be inspired. A place without labels or limitations. At Rosemary we show there is an alternative way to be, with like minded people who are connected by a common set of values, modeled by the Rosemary Community. 


Rosemary is more than just a place; it’s a way of life.


In order to succeed your online semester, a strong self-discipline and drive is required. Rosemary is a unique place in the world with a strong growth environment and a team that pushes each other to live as optimal self. Students will be living in the empowerment center of Rosemary where purpose and values lead the way. Surrounded by inspiring people, the team of Rosemary will take care of the comfort and the growth success of every students.